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A New Year. A New Chapter.

Technically, it isn't New Year's just yet but to me, it sure does feel like it. 

I've finally, FINALLY come around to putting together my photography websites (Main/Facebook) and voila, feast your eyes on them as they take a new form of their own. I'm both nervous and excited to finally announce once and for all, I'm open for business. 

I've made millions of excuses, spent too much time procrastinating, meticulously knit picking over unnecessary details, combing played the what ifs and what nots, the countless scenarios of failure, and a million things that can go wrong if I do pursue photography. 

I have come to the realization that when you are passionate about something, you need to go for it. Period. No if's or but's. Especially butts. You just need to go out there and do it. 

I had the pleasure of taking photos of a good friend from high school and her newborn son, Maria and Adan. I wished all baby shoots were this chill because Adan was one chill baby. Can't wait until Adan turns one to take more photos of him. Thanks again Maria.